Eilidh and David destination wedding in Portugal, Douro valley

Eilidh and David, proud Irish souls, embarked on a romantic journey to the heart of Portugal's Douro region for their wedding day. Set against the stunning backdrop of Quinta do Outeiro, the quintessential charm of the venue perfectly complemented the natural beauty surrounding them.

Guiding the ceremony with eloquence and warmth, Mariana added a personal touch to the union of this Irish couple in a land rich with culture and history. The festivities took on an extra layer of vibrancy with the lively tunes of a traditional Céilí Band, filling the air with the spirit of Ireland. Laughter resonated through the vineyard-clad hills as guests, some donning kilts in homage to the groom's heritage, joined in the jubilant celebration.

Amidst the vines and against the backdrop of the Douro River, Eilidh and David exchanged heartfelt vows, weaving together their love story with the cultural richness of Ireland and the beauty of their chosen Portuguese destination. The Quinta do Outeiro not only hosted a wedding but became a stage for the fusion of two worlds.

As the groom, David, proudly wore his kilt, and other guests followed suit, the traditional Scottish attire added a distinctive touch to the celebration. The blend of Irish and Portuguese elements, along with the vibrant swirl of kilts on the dance floor, transformed the wedding into a truly unique and unforgettable experience—a harmonious union of love, culture, and joy.

Wedding planner and ceremony: Choose the Best | Hair and Make up: Jenny Make Up Land | Venue: Quinta do Outeiro | Decoration: Moreiras Flores | Wood tables: Seabras | Ceremony music: Vivaldi | DJ: Mamma Mia | Ceilidh band: Licence to Ceilidh | Sound: Luz Sonora | Catering: Complicity Moments | Bar: Finest drinks | Wedding cake: Malva | Dance lessons: Apolo Porto

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